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Chiropractor Back Doctor Portimao Algarve

Chiropractor Back Doctor Portimao Algarve

Chiropractic by USA trained and qualified practitioner

Dr. Antonio Teixeira is a USA trained and qualified chiropractic specialist who since 2003 has been practicing in the Algarve. He specialises in scientific and medical chiropractic.

After attaining a Doctorate in his field of choice he decided to return to his birthplace, the Algarve, to open his own practice. He is now based in Portimao treating patients of all nationalities.

Dr. Teixeira initially moved to the USA to pursue his studies in conventional cardiology but found himself increasingly drawn to chiropractic due to its intriguing dynamics.

Chiropractic is, in a nutshell, an intervention that emphasises diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine, based on the belief that these disorders affect general health via joint subluxations and nerve root irritation. It is an non-invasive treatment that aims to directly target the root of problem s and in some cases, if treated early enough, can help reduce or even eliminate the need for mainstream medicine or more radical procedures such as surgery.

Dr. Teixeira believes that the everyday stresses of life and daily routines can damage the natural balance of one's nervous system and, if left unattended, can cause increasing damage to general health.

When this happens, ailments such as headaches, nausea and general fatigue can occur, amongst a vast range of illnesses as both the physical system and the immune system become weakened.

While activities such as hydro-gymnastics, yoga and meditation can help reduce the effects of daily toils, a preventative chiropractic session four to six times a year can also help keep undetected problems at bay.

For those who are already suffering ailments - the most common being back pain, neck and shoulder pain and tendonitis and often at an already acute stage - chiropractic works by, very broadly , restoring joint motion , to help improve joint health , stimulating the peripheral nervous system to improve nerve communication and restoring muscle function.

In this situation, depending on the severity of the problem, a treatment plan is tailored to each particular patient, designed to be as effective as possible in the shortest time possible.

Dr. Teixeira agrees that there are many misconceptions about chiropractic but is quick to stress that more and more people now see the treatment as a part of mainstream health care, as opposed to being an 'alternative'. He reiterates "chiropractic can resolve so much without having to resort to painkillers and drugs".

And, he adds "chiropractors are not all the same", explaining how doctors' approaches can vary greatly, as can their methods of treatment.

Dr. Teixeira works by appointment only; his clinic is located in Portimao, near the new Finanças office.

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