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Yacht Brokers

A yacht broker is a specialist agent who acts as a representative for the sale of a yacht or boat. The yacht broker is paid an agreed commission the sale price of a yacht and to this end markets the yacht for sale, fields buyer interest and act as a ‘middle man’ in the negotiations.

Yacht brokers are more common where yachting is more common. For instance, yachting is very common in the Mediterranean and Caribbean Seas. These popular waterways for leisure boating are proximate to the large western populations of Europe and North America. Therefore Spain and Portugal in Europe and Florida in North America have large populations of yacht brokers to service the concentration of yachts.

The term 'yacht broker' can sometimes be confused with the term 'yacht charter broker'. A yacht broker acts as an agent in the sale of yachts, rather than the sale of charter time on yachts. A yacht charter broker specializes in the sale of fully crewed luxury yachts or smaller bare-boat yachts, or both. Occasionally a person will carry out both roles but more commonly a company as a whole will carry out both roles and employ both yacht charter brokers and yacht brokers. The roles are therefore normally specialised and distinguished.