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Portimâo is growing in importance

Portimao is the second biggest city in the Algarve, Portugal, and famous for its fresh fish restaurants, grilled sardines being the most famous dish. One of the most well known beaches in the Algarve - Rocha , meaning "Rocky Beach" - is very close to Portimao, and there are numerous others nearby.

The city of Portimao has developed into the major shopping centre in the Algarve. There is simply no better place to shop than Portimao. New shopping malls have been opened and the largest shopping centre in the Algarve is currently under construction. Portimão is a city located in the District of Faro in the Region of Algarve on the southern coast of Portugal. It was formerly known as Vila Nova de Portimão .In 1924 it was incorporated as a city and became known as Portimão.

The city proper has 45,000 inhabitants and the entire municipality 52,000 (as of 2006; INE). The two most populous cities in the Algarve are Portimão and Faro. The earthquake of 1755 destroyed much of the town and prompted an economic decline that was reversed only towards the end of the 19th century by the return of trade, exports of dried fruit, milling, fishing and the fish-canning industry, activities which would continue into the 20th century.

Portimão was made a city in 1924 by the then President of the Republic, the writer Manuel Teixeira Gomes, himself a native son of Portimão. Portimão is also a city with great sporting events. It is here, that in the summer, the Mundialito de Futebol de Praia of Beach Football. Other sporting events include the world series power boat racing and other high profile events.

In the hills near Portimão the Autódromo Internacional do Algarve has been built (it was finished in October 2008), a race and test circuit officially recognised for the highest categories both for cars and motorcycles. Superbike and A1 Grand Prix races and F1 tests are scheduled.

Every year in Portimão is held a grand Prix of Rhythmic Gymnastics with and Individual All Around competition, a Team All Around competition, final by apparatuses and final by group in senior and junior levels.