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Algoz is a freguesia (parish) in the municipality of Silves (Algarve, Portugal).The name of the village has its origins in the Arabic word “Al-Gûzz” which derives from the name of a war-like Asian tribe from the Middle East, some of whom settled in the area in the 12th century. The patron saint of the village is Our Lady of mercy. To the south of the village on a hill is the Chapel of Nossa Senhora do Pilar, from here there are fine views across the area. On the eastern slopes of this hill there is meadow called Amoreira. There have been many archaeological finds here revealing much about Algoz past. There are also two other chapel in the district. The one in the west is dedicated to Saint Sebastian and one in the west dedicated to Saint Joseph

The village of Algoz is in an area of the Algarve called the Barrocal or gulley region. It is 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south east of Silves and it is 258 kilometres (160 mi) south south east of Lisbon. The settlement stretches along an open valley, bounded on the south by a mountain and on the west by further highlands. The parish is bordered to the north by São Bartolomeu de Messines, to the east is Tunes and Pêra on the south and west. A stream also called the Algoz runs to the north of the village from an easterly direction, and from the north westa tributary joins the stream which is called Barranco Longo. Further on the stream flows under the Alcantarilha bridge the name of the stream changes to the Enxurrada or the Alcantarilha stream. This watercourse finally flows in to the atlantic between Pêra and Armacão de Pêra.

The village has a kindergarten, primary, preparatory and a secondary school. There are recently new built offices for the parish authorities. There is a market held on the second Monday of every month and a fair is held twice a year on the 10th August ,the day of Sâo Miguel, and on the day of São Luís on the last Sunday in September. Not far from the village there is a railway station.

The lands around the village of Algoz is used for agricultural production. The produce includes wheat, almonds, figs and olive oil. There are also vineyards. There are also many hot houses for growing tomatoes, cauliflower, strawberries and other early fruits which are the sent of to the big central markets. There are also flour mills and olive pressing plants in the parish.

The area also has manufacturing plants that produce bricks, tiles and other ceramic items. There are also a couple of plant that specialise in reinforced concrete products.