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Builders Construction Algarve

Builders Construction Algarve
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Bob’s Complete Construction Service
If you are seeking a competent, professional and reliable all-round building service in the Lagoa, Lagos or Silves areas the Bob the Builder can help you.
Bob’s Complete Construction Service offers the all-round service you require whether for building a new home from scratch to small scale renovations and repairs. Working together with experienced professionals in the building/real estate branch there are in-house architects for developing the plans for your home or building, well versed and up to date with all current building regulations, as are the in-house engineers who are there to ensure that your new home meets, or exceeds, all required standards. These professionals are all conversant with local council requirements with regard to all aspects of licensing and deadlines and work in unison with the construction teams putting bricks to mortar as your building takes shape. 
Bob’s Complete Construction Service team can undertake the whole job, from start to finish, of building your new home or renovating your old one with professionals from all branches of the building industry working together; electricians, plumbers, painters and decorators, etc.
The team can advise and source suitable materials for your home construction including windows and doors, shutters, roofing, tiling, etc.
The team are there to advise and aid the client throughout the whole building process ensuring satisfied clients with all completed building licenses in order.
However small or large your job, be it a two bedroom townhouse or a seven bedroom villa, or even a condominium, speak to Bob first and find out how he and his team will offer you peace of mind from the start to the finish of your project in Lagoa, Silves or Lagos at very competitive prices.

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Casa Velha 251X
Vale do Eugeno

Latitude: 37.114285
Longitude: -8.411601

+351 917 886 986
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