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Palm Tree Disease Treatment Algarve


Algarve Palm Tree Weevil Disease Treatment PALM DOC Algarve

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

The Red Palm Weevil, or scientifically named Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Olivier) is the most dangerous and deadly pest of certain species of palm tree in Portugal.

This destructive pest was first discovered during the 1980s in the Arabian Gulf, before spreading like an epidemic throughout the world, including more recently to Spain and Portugal, among other European countries, decimating palm trees in its wake.

All stages of the red palm weevil’s life cycle are carried out inside the palm tree itself, which makes initial detection more difficult to the untrained eye.

A female will deposit between 200 to 400 eggs in separate holes or injuries on the palm, which hatch within 2 to 5 days into legless grubs that bore further into the tree. During this larval stage that lasts between one and three months the larvae feed on the soft succulent tissues of the palm, discarding the fibrous material. The grubs pupate in elongated oval cocoons made out of fibrous strands. At the end of the pupation period which lasts 14 to 21 days, the adult weevils emerge, completing the life cycle. Once this occurs, an adult will either place more eggs inside the palm or fly off in search of another host.

Hosts include a variety of palm species including Coconut palms, Ornamental Palms, Date Palms and Sago Palms, among others.
This is where Palm Doc can help both to treat infected palm trees and more importantly, protect palms from infestation.

The professional Palm Doc team will analyse all the palms on a client’s property for signs of weevil infestation before recommending and carrying out regular treatments to affected palms.

Palm Doc’s technicians have the right equipment and tools such as high pressure hoses, elevating platform trucks and chemical products, ensuring palm trees survive the ongoing weevil epidemic, giving clients’ peace of mind.

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